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Creating a Writing Space

Creating a Writing SpaceCreating a space to write in can be more beneficial to your writing than you may realize. Not only does it give you a designated place to get work done, but I’ve also found that creating the space can be a wonderful-yet-productive break from writing. It taps into a different kind of creativity while still contributing to your output in the long run.

In this post, I’m going to share four reasons why I think it’s important to create a designated writing space and give you four tips to make it happen.

Why it’s important

It puts you in the right mindset

Sleep specialists say you should never work in your bed because it trains your brain that your bed is for something other than sleep. In a similar vein, I’ve found that having a designated space to work trains your brain to work when you’re in that space. Writing in a space you normally relax in, like on your couch, might work fine when you’re writing well, but if you’re going through a rough patch, it can be a challenge. It becomes all too easy to put the writing aside and turn on the TV if you just don’t feel like working.

On the other hand, if you have a designated writing space, you’ll know that when you’re there, you are there to work. This puts you in the right mindset before you even start writing and makes it easier to get work done–even when you just don’t feel like it.

It can remove you from distractions

When you have a space for work, you can design it to be distraction free. You can make sure a TV is not in view, your phone is out of your space, and make it clear to others in the house that if you’re in that space, you shouldn’t be bothered. This will help with your focus and productivity.

It can help you and others take your writing seriously

Writing can feel a lot like a hobby if you aren’t getting paid for it yet, but if you want to be paid for your work at some point, it’s important to treat it like work now. When you have a space to write in, it’s easier to feel like you’re working. It’s also easier for others in your house to see you working. Giving yourself a space to work can help you and everyone around you to see your writing as a career-in-progress and less like a hobby. For more on how to treat writing like your job before it is, check out this post.

It can help you organize your writing time better

When you don’t have a designated space, writing time, relaxing time, family time, and life in general can all run together. I’ve found that once I take the time to create a space, I’m more motivated to use it. Which means I’m more motivated to carve out writing time and make sure that time is protected.

How to create an awesome writing space

Pick a location

It can be a room in your house, an area outside, or even a corner of your living room. It doesn’t matter how big or small the space is, the key is that it will be designated for work. Also, consider an area that will stimulate your creativity. If looking out a window will help fuel your story, set up your space near a window. If you’d find the window distracting, go for a wall.

You may even want to have a couple writing areas if you can. My favorite space is outside, but I also have a smaller space inside for when the weather isn’t cooperating.

Get the right furniture

A desk or table and chair are usually the basics, but that may not be for you. If you’d rather write in a comfy chair, go for it! But I recommend getting a chair exclusively for your writing space. If you’re using a corner of a larger room and you don’t live alone, you also might want to think about getting some kind of separator or screen to isolate yourself while you work. And if you don’t happen to have the right furniture laying around, Craigslist and yard sales are a great way to get what you need inexpensively.

Surround yourself with plans and positivity

Hang quotes that inspire you on the wall. Have pictures that relax you nearby. Consider adding a whiteboard or corkboard with your writing plans and goals so you always know what you’re working towards. Add whatever you need to keep yourself focused and motivated.

Browse Pinterest and Amazon for decorative ideas

Pinterest, in particular, can be super helpful in collecting ideas for a creative or writing space. Cast a wide net. Search ideas for home offices and small office spaces. You never know what other people have come up with that might be helpful to you.

I hope this helps you create an awesome writing space!

Now it’s your turn: What do you surround yourself with when you want to be productive? What’s essential for your writing space? Tell me about it in the comments!

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